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Our Philosophy

The lack of nutrients in our food, coupled with increasingly unbalanced lifestyles and rising exposure to environmental toxins, makes it difficult to take good care of our bodies. With healthcare costs on the rise, Sanopoly is your partner in the demanding task of achieving optimal health. Each of our products helps fill specific nutritional deficiencies. Our goal is to help you finally reach a holistic state of healthy and stress-free living.

Our mission is to allow you to see the beauty and strength of which your body is capable by promoting holistic health supported by proper nutrition.

Our Focus on Quality

At Sanopoly, we focus on quality – you can rely on products subject to the highest standards and most stringent controls. We carefully select natural active ingredients, ensuring high-quality food supplements for the diverse needs of our customers. We test all our products in both a controlled laboratory and clinical setting to ensure results. Sanopoly products contain no unnecessary preservatives, fillers, or unnecessary packaging.

Only the Highest Quality Ingredients

Health, mindfulness and nature are all connected. Sanopoly formulas are guaranteed to:

  • Contain no genetically-modified (GMO) additives
  • Not be produced from byproducts of genetically modified (GMO) organisms
  • Be tested for pesticide residues (EC Regulation 396/2005) to ensure safety and quality

Each of our supplements is carefully developed by an experienced team of German doctors from the fields of traditional medicine, nutrition science and alternative medicine.